Drei Jahre und 10 Tage nach unserem erfolgreichem DrupalCamp in 2014 werden wir wieder Drupal hier in Frankfurt am 22. & 23. April 2017 hochleben lassen.

Oskar Bechtold

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Back- and Frontend Developer

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One does not simply use sass with drupal - an advanced look (back) at common practice

Samstag, April 12, 2014 -
17:00 bis 17:45
Bright Solutions (HIV)

The learning curve for Drupal is steep, also for frontend. There is a lot of unnecessary DOM output and even more classes. As a themer for drupal there is a lot that can go wrong and a lot that can be improved with the help of some simple modules.

In this session we want to show you, what can be considered when writing css espiecially with the help of sass, compass and other useful gems. If you want to create a maintainable theme, there are some things to consider. For example splitting up sass into partials and applying a good folder structure.

Also performance is one thing that can be influenced by the frontend. It can make a huge difference what selectors you use and in which order. The size of the css files to load can explode when you use sass the wrong way. But there is even more.

Also sprites and icons fonts will be covered, why the compass spriting sometimes is not enough and how you can improve it.