Three years and 10 days after our successful DrupalCamp in 2014 we now celebrate Drupal again in Frankfurt on 22. & 23. April 2017.

Drei Jahre und 10 Tage nach unserem erfolgreichem DrupalCamp in 2014 werden wir wieder Drupal hier in Frankfurt am 22. & 23. April 2017 hochleben lassen.

PHP Reinvented - How Composer helped shape the new way of writing PHP

Sunday, April 13, 2014 -
10:00 to 10:45
Bright Solutions (HIV)

New libraries, frameworks, engineering practices and tools have dramatically changed the creation of PHP software over the last 3 years. Composer played a key role in facilitating the rebirth of the programming language the web is built on. Drupal 8 embraces this new style of PHP development by replacing some of its core subsystems with 3rd party components and libraries, managed with Composer.