Three years and 10 days after our successful DrupalCamp in 2014 we now celebrate Drupal again in Frankfurt on 22. & 23. April 2017.

Drei Jahre und 10 Tage nach unserem erfolgreichem DrupalCamp in 2014 werden wir wieder Drupal hier in Frankfurt am 22. & 23. April 2017 hochleben lassen.

DrupalCamp Frankfurt 2014

Thank you all!

It's over - and it was a fantastic weekend. We really hope that you liked it as much as we did, because we're still flashed how smooth everything worked out, how much fun we had and how nice the feedback was that we received until now.

So thank you all for being there, the sponsors for sponsoring, the speakers for doing such great sessions, the helpers for helping, the Drupal e.V. for giving us so much support, the helpful staff of the university and all of you for being there, being interested, having fun, drinking, talking, everything <3

We need you!

We need room monitors, that announce the next session and remind speakers how much time they have left. If you want to help, just sign up in the Google Doc, next to the sessions. So you can decide which session you want to attend and help us out!

The session plan..

.. is finally there!

Please look in the session description for the correct start time, the table display will be further optimized.

We did our best to select the biggest variety of sessions to build a programm where everyone can find the topics she or he is interested in. A big thank you to all of you who proposed sessions, and a big sorry for those that sessions couldn't be selected. There are some empty spaces on Saturday to do a BOF, so if there's something you really want to talk about, you can sign up for one of these.

Don't be shy - Session Track for Drupal beginners on Sunday

On Sunday we'll organize a number of beginner sessions, that will in a way build on one another. This "Drupal trial course" will be mainly held in German.

Mark Engelhardt and Ronald Krentz will give an "Introduction into Drupal". After the keynote on Sunday they will show and explain basics like installation, configuration, finding the right module and so on. With this two sessions workshop we have the fundament for the following beginner sessions. These will be determined when we create the session plan.

Saturday night party

We found a place for our Saturday night party, the Depot 1899. It's a nice big bar where we'll have enough space to have a chat, drink a beer, Eppelwoi or coke and have some little snacks. And it's situated in the center of Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, so if you want to party the whole night - no problem ;) We'll start round about 8pm, and we hope to see many of you there!

Sponsored stuff

We like to thank O'Reilly Verlag and Jetbrains for contributing to our camp with their great products. O'Reilly will send us some of their books and the guys from Jetbrains offered us some PHPStorm licenses. There will be a raffle during the camp for distributing this stuff amongst you all.

There will be extended sprints

And another great news! We’ve found some space for those of you who think that 2 days of coding are not enough. We will have extended sprints on Friday before and Monday after the camp (11. & 14.04.). These will take place at the rooms of the Cocomore AG, an agency for IT and communication working with Drupal for 7 years now, close to Frankfurt central station. Everyone is invited to join us!